Surrounded by a tall and wide city scape, Grand Central is tuned with the rhythms of Brussels. We are of this time, yet surrounded by old familiarities.

Outdoor Terrace, Floor 1

Our Lunch Buffet, Floor 1

Our Day begins with Grand Central' s milky cappuccino, made with care and love, and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice - our daily vitamin C dose. It ends with a fruity and tingling cocktail, or a glass of sparkling wine or foaming beer.

If you enjoy chaos as much as you do afternoon drinks with friends, Sunday brunch with family, home made cocktails, seasonal dishes & mixed lunch plates, Grand Central may well be your favorite place in the city.

Our house cocktails, modern classics

You can find us in the Schuman area of Brussels, EU Quarter. Our little 500-square-foot space has two floors, two bars, a kitchen & two private terraces. If you want to gather together in a comfortable & fresh setting, Grand Central is the perfect place for you.

Sunday Brunchers, Floor 1

Grand Central beautifully reflects the aesthetic recycling wave of Frederic Nicolay.

We believe in 3 R' s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Scaffold wood (ceiling), massive marble blocks (bar counter), beautiful light fixtures and recycled furniture will engulf you in Grand Centrals' contemporary & industrial nature. Constructions and materials used have been partly supplied by the

Rotor Collective.


Founded in 2005, Rotor recycles materials gathered from industrial buildings and construction sites.

Ground Floor

We offer a playful bunch of specialties inspired by world culinary classics, utilizing seasonal ingredients. Our daily changing lunch & dinner buffet includes dishes that are vegan friendly, as well as specialties that will satisfy the most eager meat lovers.

One of our Bar B-Q Specialties

From dawn to dusk Grand Central is dedicated to seasonal dishes, home made refreshments, exquisite selections of teas & spirits, simple and fresh home made cocktails, beers, wines, juices, and much more.




Duvel Moortgat Brewery

for support & help since the very start



Rotor Collectif

that helped us find the materials & furnish our spaces



Dan Lachman from Dokidoc

for finding the light fixtures



Crystal, Alken

for providing the beer tanks



Baiba Yurkevich

for shaping our words, images, graphic & web design



All of you

who supported & believed in us throughout these




 Grand Central is as much our project as we wish it to be yours.

We hope that Grand Central will flourish & inspire a vivid community here, in Brussels, our Capital of Europe!